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Calcium Nitrate

Abocols Calcium Nitrate is the best soluble source of Calcium and Nitrogen. Nitrogen is present in its nitric form, one of the most efficiently absorbed by roots and calcium is present as calcium oxide, form in which all plants can easily assimilate.

This fertilizer is ideal for all fertigation systems, thanks to the fact that it is 100% water-soluble and it wont clog drip tapes or other irrigation elements. Abocols Calcium Nitrate is also used in foliar applications or simply broadcasted.
Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilization
   Detail Phormule Amount
   Total Nitrogen  15.5% 
   Ammoniacal Nitrogen  1.3% 
   Nitrate Nitrogen  14.2% 
   Calcium  CaO  26.0% 
   pH in 10% Solution  6.5 
   Soluble in Water at 20ºC  250.0 g/100 ml 
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